Upper Reservoir

Upper Reservoir in Palmer Lake Colorado by Jamie Wilke Fine Art

12×16″ Oil Painting by Jamie Wilke

Fine Art for Sale:
Original Artwork SOLD: $449 Artwork Only
Limited Edition Prints (Paper or Canvas): $39+


This is my first painting done in oil of the Upper Reservoir in Palmer Lake. “The Rez” is a huge hiking destination for folks in Palmer Lake, Colorado Springs and beyond who are looking for a steep, long climb with majestic views without driving past the Front Range and into the “bigger mountains” of Colorado. The hard climb is worth it, and as you hike west you see this incredible view of the Upper Reservoir, the beautiful reflections and the pine tree and rock formation filled mountains of Pike National Forest.

To me, this landscape has a special sense of wonder because of the depth that is created by the many colors, layers and reflections. I feel it is a calming and soothing place because of the rich, gem-like greens and blues of the water and pine trees. In contrast, the red dirt and rock formations make it colorful and exciting.

See my watercolor painting of the Upper Reservoir looking east: “Sunrise at Palmer Lake Reservoir”.

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